The Countdown..

We have a month to go!! We are both getting anxious and starting to count down the days, and find anyway to make it seem like a short amount of time. For example we got down to it being a couple days till be get married. We did this by taking May 15 and starting off at a month to go. Then took off two weeks because the week before is going to go by so fast, and then the week before that is my finals week and Brian’s last week of work so that should go by fast. So we are down to two weeks. Then we have the next to weekends together so we subtracted that so we are at about a week in a half. Then minus a couple days because of travel days to see each other so now we are at little less than a week 🙂 to go.


Engagement Photos

We finally did our engagement photos, it took us two months in a half. Our photographer is Rilie Norton, Brian and I have known her and her husband for some time. This was the first time that we had spent time with Rilie since Brian and I started dating. So she got to see us in love. In these pictures we went to the orange groves by our house. The other pictures we took where at the Salt River. It was beautiful down there, it was so green and everything was starting to bloom because of all the rain we had the past couple weeks. We enjoyed taking the pictures and are excited that the next time we have to take pictures will be after we are married!

I will add a link to more pictures when we get the rest 🙂

Hello Friends and Family!

WELCOME!! We are creating this site to try to keep people updated on our lives, may led to informing people of information about us that they may not know 🙂 We hope to help people that we don’t talk to very often to have an insight on what is happening in our everyday life and what is to come. We hope you will enjoy this blog and we also hope to keep it updated as much as possible. Yet with me still in school and Brian working it might not happen as much as we would like, but we will try 🙂